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Go from Idea to Prototype with I2C2 Hackathon!

About I2C2 Hackathon

The online hackathon is divided into 3 phases and will continue for 45 days. There will be sessions and everyone will have access to mentors who are experts in various domains and guide all the participants.

Why Join Us?

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Informative & Interactive Session

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Mentorship Support

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NFT's, Certificates & Swags

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Project Building Experience

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Learn, Build & Participate

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Internship & PPO Opportunities


Choose your field, accept the challenge and get the trophy.




Frontend Dev




Great rewards for everyone!
₹3 Lakh+ in cash prizes and goodies!
Swags for top 10(4-10) teams in each challenge.



₹ 5,000



₹ 10,000



₹ 2,000

You can see special prizes for each challenge in the challenges section.


  • 10 March 2023

    Hackathon Begins

  • Select the Challenge and prepare your project idea.

  • Submit your idea report. Also don't forget to create your metamask wallet for NFT prizes.

  • Attend sessions to get insights into ideation, design and development.

  • Stucked? Get help from mentors having industry experience.

  • Join our discord server and WhatsApp group to stay updated with announcements.

  • Get review on your UI design. Submit your UI design in below link if you want review over your design. (UI submission is optional)

  • Build your solution (project)

  • 09 April 2023

    Project Submission

  • 20 April 2023

    Result Announcement (3 Winners per Theme)

Sponsors & Community Partners

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Let's make this hackathon a success together.

Be an I2C2 Speaker

Want to share your knowledge and expertise in technology? Join us as a speaker and impart your wisdom to the next generation of tech innovators.


Get to know the speakers of this amazing Hackathon.

Pranav Malik

Pranav Malik is an experienced software engineer with a passion for Fullstack and Big Data Distributed Systems. With over 3.7 years in the software industry, he has worked for various product-based companies.

Naveen Pal

Naveen Pal is an experienced UX/UI designer with 3 years of experience in IT industry, specialized in creating intuitive and seamless technology experiences for diverse range of projects, passionate about innovation and user-friendly design.

Prateek Narang

Prateek Narang is a software engineer and professional coding instructor, ex-Google SDE and currently works at Scaler and founded, CodingMinutes.com. He mentored over 50,000 students in programming as a former co-founder at Coding Blocks.


Grab the opportunity to learn from great mentors.

Rishav Agarwal

Idea Generation

Bratati Das

UI/UX Design

Akash Jaiswal

Project Development

Frequently Asked Questions

I2C2 is a Hackathon where students can come together to brainstorm and develop ideas to tackle significant issues. The format is similar to a workshop and encourages the use of design thinking and collaborative problem-solving techniques. Participants will work independently and in teams to generate innovative solutions.
Everyone is welcome to participate, be it, students, professionals, or aliens from a different planet!
No. You are not required to make any payments to anyone. It is entirely free to all.
Yes, you can participate in a team or solo. Participants may form teams of upto 4 members. Each participant must belong to a single team and submit a single project.
Yes. You can bring your old projects, but you will be judged on the features you add during the hackathon.
The organizing team will approve and confirm your participation. Shortlisted teams will receive a confirmation email and it will reflect on the user dashboard.

Join our Discord Community Get in touch with a bigger community and ask any further queries you may have. Looking forward to welcoming you.

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